Yggdrasil Partners Black Cow to Enhance New Publishing Division’s Capabilities

Yggdrasil has teamed up with open gaming architecture specialist Black Cow in a deal that will see the casino content supplier integrate its partner’s GDK (Game Development Kit) platform into its newly launched GATI solution.

Yggdrasil’s GATI (Game Adaptation, Tools, and Interface) solution was launched as part of and as the power behind its YG Masters Program.

The provider’s partnership with Black Cow enables global and local game development studios that participate in YG Masters to access powerful game engines as they look for a rapid route to new markets.

Black Cow is the first GDK partner Yggdrasil has announced for its new Publishing division. The provider’s new arm was launched last month to offer clients “the keys to its kingdom” by providing them with all the tools and solutions they would need to build and manage a complete B2B online gaming business.

Under the terms of its partnership with Yggdrasil, Black Cow has agreed to build game engines for the gaming studios that are set to join the YG Masters program. As mentioned above, the deal between the two companies will see the integration of Black Cow’s GDK platform into Yggdrasil’s GATI solution.

The newly announced collaboration also paves the way for Black Cow’s existing gaming studio partners to join Yggdrasil’s YG Masters program and thus port their games and benefit from a wide distribution network and leading marketing tools.

The New GATI Solution

As mentioned above, Yggdrasil’s partnership with Black Cow will enhance the content provider’s new Yggdrasil Publishing arm.

Yggdrasil launched its Publishing business last month. Through its new operation, the casino games supplier offers clients the chance to license any or all elements of its entire casino gaming eco-system.

Yggdrasil Publishing is set to provide three core value propositions – YG Franchise for platform IP licensing, YG Masters for game development and distribution, and YG Game IP for IP licensing.

The GATI solution is promoted as a key element in Yggdrasil’s new Publishing proposition. The solution is a pre-configured, regulation-ready content development toolkit that powers the YG Masters program and enables studios that are part of it to use a standardized technology product for content development and distribution around the world.

YG Masters partners will be able to build game engines in any way, language, and method by using the GATI solution and Black Cow’s GDK platform.

Decentralized Aggregation

With the rollout of the new YG Franchise model, program partners based in major iGaming markets will be able to build games for players and sell them back for global distribution via the YG Masters program.

Thanks to GATI with its standardized architecture and consistent game frameworks, Franchise partners will also be able to select games to offer to their players from the YG Masters program.

Yggdrasil says its new value proposition should be seen as decentralized aggregation, a game-changing force that has the potential to revolutionize the content supply chain and business growth drivers.”

Commenting on their partnership with Black Cow, Yggdrasil Head of Partner Strategy & Sourcing Stuart McCarthy said that by adding their partner’s GDK technology to their GATI solution, they believe they “have created the perfect go-to solution for any game studio looking to quickly, efficiently, and securely get their games to market.”

Black Cow Commercial Director Tony Plaskow said that “by integrating our GDK into GATI we provide an efficient and rapid way for prominent game developers to build and distribute their games into [Yggdrasil] Publishing’s valuable universe.”

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